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[ # ] Watch teens react to the Trump Tapes
October 10th, 2016 under Donald Trump

You and I were shocked by what we heard Donald Trump say in 2005, but what about teens? Fine Bros played the video for several teenagers and their reaction is more mature than anything Trump has done this whole election.
They are disgusted by it and they should be. This is the man that they are supposed to respect, but how can they respect him when he says things like how he uses his stardom to grab women by the pussy.
Is this what you want the next generation to have as role model? I don’t want anyone to think it is OK to think any man can treat a woman like that. Especially a man that could be the leader of the free world.
And if you think they are just words, when was the last time you knew a 60 year old man to just talk like that. And what about the ick factor of someone that old talking about sex like a teenager.
Our poor teens.
Just think the Religious Conservatives gave us him and now those hypocrites are defending him.


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