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[ # ] Watch Rebecca Romijn age 50 years in a few seconds!
December 28th, 2017 under Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn, TNT/TBS/TCM

Rebecca Romijn has aged naturally and beautifully her whole life, but yesterday on The Librarians she aged 50 years in the time it takes to knock on the door. In order to age her and her co-stars, Lindy Booth, Christian Kane and John Harlan Kim, a half century like the rest of the town they were investigating, the makeup department really had to work their magic. And boy did they.

The Guardian posted a video of how they transformed the actress, from a young beauty into a woman who will be the catch at any old folks home, in a matter of hours. But to us, it looked like :40 seconds. The ageing transformation is the best I have ever seen, I would be surprised if they did not get an Emmy nomination for the work that they did on all of the actors in last night’s episode. No offense to This Is Us, but they can learn a thing from The Librarians’ makeup department in ageing someone.

Don’t believe me. To see the final product, then

She kind of reminds me of the late great Barbara Billingsley. Both women are still gorgeous even when all of their hair has gone grey. Which means that Jerry O’Connell is a lucky man because he will wake up to a stunning woman no matter how old she gets. Romijn on the other hand…joking!!! He will always have that face no matter how much time ages him.

Talking about time, make some time to watch that Librarians’ episode on TNT OnDemand, their app or website because it was their best one of the season so far. Heck, watch the whole series if you have never seen it. It truly is magical like the premise of the Sci-Fi dramedy.


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