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[ # ] Watch David Dobrik scare Kevin Hart with a snake
March 27th, 2020 under Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is afraid of all creatures even butterlies. Therefore, how will he react when David Dobrik scares him with an albino boa constrictor or python? Exactly as you would think.

Dobrik had him play, What the Sniff, inside a Tesla truck. The game was simple; they blindfolded Hart and made him smell things in a tissue box to guess what they were. After the second item, they had a surprise for him, the snake. What did the actor do? He found the handle and jumped out of the car faster than you can say snake. Before he got out, he said, “💩” and then he most likely did it!

When it comes to finding the handle, he is so right. It is not easy to find one in a Tesla, so he got lucky he found it so quickly. Actually, I think everyone else, including the reptile, was lucky. Could you imagine if Dobrik had locked Hart’s door and he couldn’t get out? Actually, I am, and I can’t stop mischievously laughing.



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