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[ # ] Watch Cindy Crawford iron
August 11th, 2022 under Cindy Crawford

It is a slow news day. How slow? The most exciting video I can find is of Cindy Crawford ironing, and she is doing it slowly.

Why did the Supermodel share this video? She shared this sweet story from her youth. “My mom taught me to iron was I was about 7. I felt so grown up pressing my dad’s clothes,” she wrote. “When I asked my mom about it today, and said I couldn’t believe she actually ironed all of dad’s handkerchiefs and tshirts — she told me they only got pressed when one of us girls wanted to iron because she knew we couldn’t mess them up! All these years and I never knew 😂 Today i graduated to napkins and pillow cases!”

If this modeling thing doesn’t work out for her, she could be a professional ironer. Yeah, this is as good as it gets.


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