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[ # ] Watch an alpaca spit in Phillip Schofield’s face
February 6th, 2020 under This Morning

This morning, on This Morning, they had two alpacas on the show. Before they went live, the hosts got to know their know guests. Phillip Schofield was trying to calm down Spitfire and Pete down by shushing them. I guess Pete didn’t like it because he spat right in the host’s face.

You would think that Spitfire would have been one to do it, but it was Pete who covered Schofield’s face with “warm and wet” spit.

How did he handle it? He had no problem holding them again during the live segment. That brought his co-host Holly Willoughby so much joy. She couldn’t stop laughing, especially when it looked like Pete was ready to do it again.

Even though Willoughby wants a break from animals on the morning talk show for the next few days, I hope producers double the amount. You can never have enough animals on live TV because something always goes wrong. Case in point.


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