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[ # ] Watch a mom scold her grown sons on C-SPAN
December 17th, 2014 under TV News

Dallas and Brad Woodhouse, who are political opposites, were having one their debates on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal call-in show yesterday, when a caller left them shaking their heads down in shame.
Dallas was all happy when someone from his home state called in, until he realized it was his mom, Joy. The two brothers have said that there are a lot of families like theirs, where one kid is a Democrat and the other one is Republican and she had something to say about that. She said, “I disagree that all families are like ours. I don’t know many families that are fighting at Thanksgiving.” She added, “I was very glad that this Thanksgiving was the year you two were supposed to go to your in-laws. And I’m hoping you’ll have something out of your system when you come here for Christmas. I would really like a peaceful Christmas.” She concluded her statement by saying, “I love you both.”
Steve Scully, the host of the show wanted to know what it was like raising those two boys. She told him, “Well, it hasn’t been easy.” And what also won’t be easy, is their family reunion this weekend with their mom. I am sure they are going to have a thing or two to say to her after this call.
If I were C-SPAN, I would give the Woodhouses their own show. Their mom can moderate as the brothers fight it out. I would watch and I hate politics. Would you tune in?


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