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[ # ] Was Daniel really the bad guy in The Karate Kid?
August 24th, 2015 under Ralph Macchio

So remember on How I Met Your Mother when Barney Stinson said that Daniel was really the villain in The Karate Kid, and we thought it was funny? Well, J Matthew Turner tested out that theory and maybe, Stinson was on to something.
The producers lead us to believe that Daniel was the good guy because he has as a baby face and seemed like the underdog. He might not have been. Studly Johnny wasn’t doing anything wrong until that new kid came to town and then everything seemed to go wrong for him.
So it was all Daniel’s fault, he was the bad guy.
Now, I am going to watch the movie again and I will be team Johnny. Are you still Team Daniel or did you change your mind too? Dang you J Matthew Turner!

UPDATE: Ralph Macchio‘s response to the video is perfect. He Tweeted, “Best part of “who is real bully of KK?” viral vid is the fact that everyone still cares more than 31 years later! #Relevant #Legacy #Gift” And we will still be talking about it 31 years from now.


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