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[ # ] Want to spend 6 nights at The Brady Bunch house?
July 15th, 2019 under HGTV, The Brady Bunch

HGTV just spent the last year renovating the inside of the house whose exterior was used on The Brady Bunch. For the last 49 years, the inside did not match the outside. Now thanks to them it does. Beginning in September, we will see how they did that on A Very Brady Renovation.

While it is nice to see the final product on TV, what about in person? HGTV is not only giving one person that chance, but they are also letting them stay there for 6 nights with six of their loved ones. Not only that, they will fly you out here, give you a tour of LA and $25,000 shopping money.

What do you have to do to win? From now until September 11th, you need to make the most creative :30-:90-second video that tells us why they deserve to win the groovy prize. HGTV will pick the best 9 videos and we get to vote for who is the Bradiest one of them all between September 30th to October 11th. One winner will be selected and the other 8 will get a $500.

If you win, then can I be one of your 6 friends? My friend asked me why I always drive by The Brady Bunch house. It is because when I was a kid, I was a Cindy who wanted to be Marsha. When I got braces, I was like if Marsha Marsha Marsha could survive with them, then I could too. The Bradys were the family we all wanted to be part of when we were growing up. Until we learned that the Partridges were having way more fun. I know I am not the only feels that way.


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