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[ # ] Want to be in a killer shark movie?
October 4th, 2022 under Movies

Have you ever watched a killer shark movie and said, “I want to be in one?” Well, here is your opportunity.

Paul Tomborello, who has brought us Alien Shark and Billie the Kid along with seven other films, is preparing to shoot Shark Trap next month, and he needs you.

So, the writer/director started an Indiegogo, and there are several ways you can be in the film for a few bucks.

So what is the creature feature about? Every summer, the little island town of Ocean Point stirs with the new life of pleasure-seeking vacationists – and where there is life, there is also death… At Jenkins Bait Store, Teagan Porter yearns to get off the island. Thatch Haley, a local to the town, attempts to woo her despite her disinterest. When he invites her to the resort beach, she obliges because it’s a hangout for the rich summer elitists, headed up by Rick Carlson and Pamela Bradford. Pam’s father is opening up a water park against the wishes of the local islanders. When some of his nefarious business dealings leave a dead body in the water, it draws a shiver of sharks to the area. The flurry of opening day patrons never saw the terror coming. The amusement park becomes a feeding ground for a great white shark. Trapped on the rafts, Teagan and the group must fight for survival while being terrorized by the great white. Can they reach the mainland and escape their floating coffins?

If it sounds like something you want to dip your toes into, then here are the different ways it is possible. For $1,000, you get a speaking role. Want to be in a scene with a celebrity, then that will cost you $2,500. Have you ever wanted to be killed in a movie? That can happen for 4K. Finally, for $10,000, you can be a supporting lead and also an EP.

If this is a dream come true for you, then contribute to the film’s Indiegogo.


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