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[ # ] Vince Gill confronts Westboro Baptist Church and wins!
September 10th, 2013 under Admirable People, Amy Grant

via Country Weekly
Kevin Smith has spoken out on the schmucks at Westboro Baptist Church, who have protested his shows and movies, by talking about them during his one man tour and even did a movie about them called Red State. As of yet, I don’t remember ever seeing Silent Bob confront them head on.
Well Vince Gill on the other has. On Sunday, a small group of them (because there really aren’t that many of them, thankfully) were protesting his show in Kansas City claiming he is an adulterer because both his wife, Amy Grant, and him were married before they got together. When the Country singer heard they were out there, he decided he wanted “to see what hate looked like.” But he didn’t stop there, when they called him an adulterer in the name of Jesus Christ, he responded by saying “He said a lot of stuff, about forgiveness, grace. You guys don’t have any of that.” Amen Vince Gill.
I get that the first amendment grants us Freedom of Speech, but I think this group does not deserve that right when they preach what I perceive as hate at funerals for innocent victims.
I am proud that Vince Gill took a peaceful stand against them and I hope more celebrities in his position will do the same. If they have the right, then so do we.
I normally don’t post on them because I don’t want to give them publicity, but I wanted to give Gill the publicity for how he handled them. Seriously my hat is off to him!


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