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[ # ] Vik Sahay talks about saying goodbye to Jeffster and Chuck
December 16th, 2011 under NBC, Vik Sahay

On January 27th Chuck is airing its series finale on NBC and before the show says goodbye I had to talk to Vik Sahay about the show coming to an end.
During this season’s third episode something huge happened to Jeffster and the two men that had become like one split into Jeff and Lester. I had to know is that how their relationship was going to end on the show? Sadly he couldn’t tell me too much due to legal reasons. But what he could tell me is that about it is, “It is a huge change. It is a change that continues. Not saying how long or what happens.” I know that is not that much, but he then added that “there is a shift and the repercussions are massive.” Hopefully it won’t be so massive that we won’t get at least one more song out of them.
So on that note, is there any chance of Jeffster touring once the show is over since us fans want that? Sahay shared with me what singing on the show has been like for him and the chances of Jeffster hitting the road. He said, “I love the fans and I love that they want that. I will say this, for all the terror that it has been singing the songs, and I mean pure terror, I don’t use the word lightly. It’s been frightening. I have grown to love it, and relish it, and singing and the idea of mastering music and working with musicians and finding the art. It has been pretty spectacular.” So is a tour out of the question? He ended the answer by saying, “It seems very unlikely, but not as unlikely as it seemed when I first began doing it.” So that means there is a glimmer of a hope, right?
And what does he hope will be the end for his character, Lester Patel. He wasn’t exactly sure about that and leaves it up to the writers. Although there is one thing he would like for Lester, “I would really love, and I am not saying it doesn’t happen or it may happen or it is happening, I would like some sort of female in Lester’s life. You know where you get the feeling that somehow, someway, this sad broken train wreck of a kid is going to be alright.” When it came to who that lucky lady should be, he didn’t have anyone special in mind.
What will always be on his mind is the wonderful cast and how they have been there for him. He said, “for me, I moved to Los Angeles to do this show and I didn’t really know too many people and these guys did become a crucial base for me and family, if I can use an overused term. But they were each supportive in a way that has beyond vital for me. It is a little like leaving the nest.”
Now you know how he feels about the cast, what does he want to say to one of most supportive fan bases out there. He had a heart-felt message for you, “I don’t know what to say that hasn’t been said. It is a three pronged experience that I have had on Chuck that I feel is honorably unique to this show. The cast and crew of Chuck are an unbelievably special group. Then getting to play Lester, who I love and feel for and to have it happen every day. And then the fan experience, I mean, it such a part of the show. It is so crucial; it’s the lifeblood of the experience of being on this show that I cannot say thank you enough. I am so moved and touched by the attention and the care that they have given us through the years. We live and die by them. We are here for them. It is something never I will forget.” And we will never forget him.
At one point during our conversation he summarized the experience on the show as “utterly beautiful craziness!” So what “utterly beautiful craziness” does he have coming up next? While filming the final scenes for Chuck, he was flying back and forth from LA to Winnipeg, Canada to film a movie called My Awkward Sexual Adventure. Earlier this year he shot American Reunion, the fourth American Pie movie, and he said that the film that’s out on April 6th is going to be a phenomenal picture and that it was tremendous experience to work on it.
But not everything he does is a comedy, he also worked on a drama called Afghan Luke that is waiting for a US release date. He described it to me by saying, “it’s a kind of dark, gritty drama about Canadian journalists who go to Afghanistan for a story they believe is happening. While they are there they get themselves in to very big trouble because they are foolish. I play an ambitious journalist who is hustling for this story of the century in Afghanistan.” He added that it was great to get back to his Indy roots and enjoyed working with Nick Stahl, an actor who is admired for a long time and now calls a friend. He concluded by saying, “It is a cool, out there film.”
I am sure this is not the last we will hear of Vik Sahay and there is so much more coming up on the horizon for him. So before the sun goes down on Chuck next month, you can watch all new episodes of the spy drama tonight and every Friday at 8p on NBC.


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