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[ # ] Vanilla Ice has a bright idea!
October 15th, 2014 under Vanilla Ice

When you think of Vanilla Ice, you think of him as the rapper turned hard core rocker or as an actor or a reality star, but now we will see him in a different light. His own lights. That’s because he has his own lighting fixture line at Capitol Lighting. You know what, they are actually really beautiful. In I think that Vanilla Ice Lighting is actually really funky, like him.
Do you think he has a bright future in the lighting business or his lights should be turned off?
Seriously, who would’ve thought that the man who sang Ice Ice Baby in 1990, would be selling lights almost 25 years later? No one, I am sure even he didn’t see that coming.
BTW we know a certain group of people that won’t be buying his product, and they are the Amish people he does his reality show with on the DIY Network.


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