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[ # ] Uncle Buck is chuck full of laughs, Wrecked is Lost but funny!
June 14th, 2016 under ABC

Back in 1989, John Candy starred in the movie Uncle Buck, and now 25 years later Mike Epps is stepping into the role tonight at 9p on ABC.
Alexis (Nia Long) and Will (James Lesure) are workaholic parents, who are going on a work related vacation to get away from their kids. Only problem is their nanny quit and they have no one take care of teen Tia (Iman Benson), preteen Miles (Sayeed Shahidi) and the cute but trouble Maizy. Will suggests that his out of work irresponsible brother takes care of them and Alexis (Aalyrah Caldwell) says no. That is until they really can’t find anyone else to do it.
Alexis should’ve stuck with her instincts because he is the worst babysitter through an adult’s eyes, but an awesome one to the kids. How bad will he mess it up? Really bad, but the kids seem to like him. Now he is staying on as their nanny, and I am not sure who will be raising who in the coming weeks. What I do know is, I was surprised by how much I laughed during the two episodes that I saw.
If you are looking for a family comedy that is a comedy, then you are going to love Uncle Buck as much as I do.

Then at 10p over on TBS, Wrecked comes crashing down to our TVs.
Are you like me and wish you could have a do over with Lost because you are still pissed about how the show ended? Well Wrecked is the answer to that call. It is a parody of the drama, and it might even better than the original. That’s because it never takes itself seriously, something the show it is based on did.
I had a lot of fun guessing who was and who and then having flashbacks to different scenes from the original show. Once you get past all of the Lost comparisons (you will) then you start to enjoy this hilarious show about a bunch of people who survived a plane crash and are now deserted on an Island.
Actually Wrecked is Lost meets Gilligan’s Island, and let’s be honest we have been craving that combo our whole live. We just didn’t know it until Wrecked.
So tune in for a show that will make you laugh and reminisce at the same time!


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