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[ # ] Um, Andi Mack is back with all types of answers, Happy Together cleans up
October 8th, 2018 under Disney Kids

Over the summer, I watched Freaky Friday on the Disney Channel app. When it ended, it showed me the pilot to Andi Mack, a show I had been hearing about. I watched the first episode and then spent the rest of the weekend binge-watching the first two seasons. I was in love with this endearing show about a preteen girl who finds out her sister is really her mom and her parents are her grandparents. All while dealing with her first love interest who was dating an older jealous girl.

As the episodes went on, Andi’s (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) mom, Bex (Lilan Bowden), reconnected with Andi’s dad, Bowie (Trent Garrett) and the two reignited their flame together. So much so, Andi’s mom was prepared to ask him to marry her on the season finale. Only thing, his band asked to go on a world tour with them right before she proposed. Tonight at 8p, the show starts off with their wedding, so was the umm explained?

The episode starts off at the end of the summer and Bex’s beauty store is open for business. She is doing such fantastic makeovers that her mom, Cece (Lauren Tom), asks her for one. Cece wants to look gorgeous for her husband, Ham (Stoney Westmoreland), who is finally back from his vacation.

Cece is not the only one getting a makeover from Bex, so is Andi. She wants to look good for her boyfriend, Jonah (Asher Angel), who is back from camp. Do they still feel the same about each other since before he left for 8 weeks?

Talking about different, Cyrus (Joshua Rush) is not the same boy who left for London over the summer. There is something that changed about him and his friends do not like it. Buffy (Joshua Rush) has also been keeping a secret from her friends and Andi finds out about it tonight. How she will handle it?
A lot happens on the season premiere. It answers so many questions from the season finale while asking a bunch of new ones. You do not have to be a teen to enjoy this show, but it will make you feel like one all over again. I just love the innocence of this show that does not shy away from taking on issues like Cyrus’ coming out.

If you are never seen it, start binging now. I promise you will be enjoying it as much as I am.

Then at 8:30p on CBS, even though it is Happy Together’s second episode they are already cleaning house.

Now that Cooper James (Felix Mallard) is living with Jake (Damon Wayans Jr.) and Clair (Amber Stevens West), the rock star has decided to have his stuff shipped to their house. When just one little box comes for him, they have to find out from him where is the rest of it.

He tells them he scrubs his past whenever he moves and gets rid of his old junk. Something they decide to do for themselves too. The only problem is that it is not as easy for them as it was for him. What happens when it is too late to get their stuff back from Good Will?

Back to Clake, the couple realizes that they are starting to turn into her parents (Victor Williams and Stephnie Weir). Her parents dress alike and finish each other’s sentences, it is like they are the same person. That is what is happening to Clair and Jake. Will they be able to become indivisuals again?

Out of all of the new sitcom, this one makes me laugh the hardest. Please watch it because we all need some laughs in our lives. This definitely delivers tonight. There are several moments that will make you do a spit take. It also proves how amazing the chemistry is between the actors. There is truly is a scene that shows how perfect timing and chemistry can make or break comedy. Tonight, they make it.

That and you do want to miss seeing the scariest doll since Annabelle.


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