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[ # ] Tyler James Williams talks how people recognize him
February 6th, 2023 under Jimmy Fallon, Tyler James Williams

Many years ago, I saw an interview with Owen Wilson, and he mentioned the “Disdain Look.” That is when you recognize a celebrity out in our habitat. Basically, we squint our eyes, wondering how do we know them. Then we are like, “oh,” when we realize who they are. So finally, we look away. Thus, why Wilson calls it the “Disdain Look.”

Since I live in a small town with celebrities like a very recent EGOT winner, I am familiar with giving my neighbors that look in Trader Joe’s or Big Lots. I am just trying to be respectful of their privacy.

However, that is what I am thinking about it when I give them the look. But what are celebrities thinking when they see people give it to them?

Tyler James Williams was on The Tonight Show on Friday, and he talked to Jimmy Fallon about it. He says that he gets three different versions of the look. The first is the “happy to see the cute kid from Everybody Hates Chris is all grown up.” The second is the “sad I just saw you die on The Walking Dead.” And finally is the “Oh look, it is the sexy man from Abbot Elementary.”

Whatever look you give him, you can tell that he is happy that you are looking!


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