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[ # ] Trial & Error delivers the mother of all episodes
August 16th, 2018 under Kristin Chenoweth, NBC
Tonight’s Trial & Error on NBC at 9p is so funny you will think you smoked 9 joints waiting to watch it.

Last week, Josh Segal (Nicholas D’Agosto) realized that his client Lavina Peck Foster (Kristen Chenoweth) actually killed her husband, hours after he literally got her off for murder. Now he is going to try East Peck’s most beloved and richest resident for the murder of her brother Chet 9 years ago.

Jesse Ray Beaumont (Michael Hitchcock) was tried for his murder and convicted for the crime. Before Chet died, Jesse Ray was given a box with something very valuable inside of it that he dumped in the river behind his house. When Josh finds the box, inside reveals the reason why Lavina killed her brother and another mystery you do not want to miss.

Not only that Carol Anne Keane (Jayma Mays) goes into labor and that gets us into the 9:30p episode… Is Josh the baby daddy?

Tonight’s episodes are chock full of nuts, and that is just the residents of East Peck. There is also sex, drugs and Rock’n’Roll. What more do you need to watch the show that you are not watching? How about so many laughs, you will need adult diapers to keep your seat dry! Because no show makes you laugh as much as this one.

Another reason to watch is we need to save this show so it can a third season on either Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or YouTube Premium.


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