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February 11th, 2024 under CBS, Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley is back with a new show after the Super Bowl tonight on CBS, and his character is nothing like he was on This Is Us. He is a Tracker, which means he is like a bounty hunter but for missing people.

Why does Colter Shaw do it? He is good at it. Oh, and the reward money!

Colter was trained to do this at a young age, so he is good at finding people. He is even better than law enforcement, but he will take their help when needed.

He is out there in the field alone, but he has help. Teddi Bruin (Robin Weigert) and her wife, Velma (Abby McEnany), assign him cases and strategize with him. Abby McEnany (Fiona Rene) is a lawyer who will help get him out of trouble. She and Colter have a history, and it is not a good one. Finally, there is Bobby Exley (Eric Graise). He is a tech genius who helps Colter with the techy stuff.

They will all work together and find missing loved ones. In tonight’s episode, a little boy goes to meet his father. However, his father is dead. So, who is the man who kidnapped the kid? And where did he take him?

Colter will go to extremes to find him, and that will lead to him getting arrested. The police officers don’t want to listen to him. But eventually, they will have to because he knows more than they do.

But is it enough to find this boy in time? Tune in after the big game to find out. And then every Sunday at 9p after that for a procedural with heart.


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