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April 25th, 2012 under Syfy

Tonight on Syfy Total Blackout debuts at 10p and as much as I would never want to do show is as much as I love it.
The concept of the game show is the contestants go into a blacked out room and have to guess what something is. For example on tonight’s season premiere they have to guess what a food is by tasting it in a stranger’s belly button. That’s right there are people lying in just their underwear with things like fish eggs in their belly button as a competitor sucks it out to identify what it is. Not only do they guess things with their mouths, but they also have to feel things there are in fish bowls. Some of those items are bugs and other things are as harmless as a teddy bear, but the reactions are always the same scared sh!tless.
After each challenge all of the contestants have to jump on to a spot and the loser will fall through the floor. I am not sure who the winner really is in the scenario, the person who goes home or the people that move on to the next round.
So how much do they win after having the living daylights scared out of them? A total of $5,000.00. Yes that’s right five thousand dollars. Which is why I like watching the show and not taking part in it. That and when they sent the screener for the show, it came in a box that you stick your hand in. Well I went looking for the DVD and felt something really weird inside. I screamed at the top of my lungs and couldn’t get my hand out of there fast enough. I can’t imagine what the people who were on the show went through when they reached down and felt a roach. I would totally scream higher than Chris Colfer hitting the high notes on Glee.


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