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[ # ] Tonight’s The People v OJ Simpson goes to the jury
March 22nd, 2016 under American Horror Story

On January 11, 1995, the jury was sequestered for the OJ Simpson trial and on October 3, 1995 they were finally allowed to go home. Tonight at 10p on FX’s American Crime Story: The People v OJ Simpson, you will get to see what they went through during those nearly 9 months.
At first they are happy to be staying at a hotel, but then they realize it is not a vacation from their lives. They are no TVs, they can’t leave their assigned floor, they can’t see their families, everything they have will be examined by the deputies and they can’t talk about the trial with the other jurors. Even the food is disgusting after a while.
With all of that to uphold to, they are starting to lose it. Little by little, one by one, jurors will be sent home until Judge Ito has has enough. What happens next will be their final straw. Which you can’t blame them because imagine if you were held against your will for the better part of a year? It is unfathomable.
Having said all of that, I really appreciate that the jurors got an episode pretty much dedicated to them since they dedicated so much time to the case. It’s interesting to see what they went through since we pretty much forgot about them. It’s great that someone remembered them and did such a great job telling their story.
And talking about the jury, am I the only person who would like to see the limited series rewrite history and find OJ Simpson guilty in 2 weeks?


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