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[ # ] Tonight’s Raising Hope is a Hulk of an episode!
October 30th, 2012 under Marvel Comics, Raising Hope

Tonight at 8p on Fox’s Raising Hope, The Chances celebrate Halloween again and this year Jimmy (Lucas Neff) will kicked in the balls a few times! The first time is when he tries to ween his daughter off of her pacifier. The second time as you can see from the above video is when he tries to scare some kids. Maybe he should’ve taken notes from his dad on how to do that (as in the show’s past Halloween episode from season 1. It’s on Netflix if you missed it.). But I guess Burt (Garret Dillahunt) and him were too busy go to gay clubs to go over that. Wait, what? You see Sabrina’s (Shannon Woodward) Gay BFF decides that he wants her to birth his baby and she says that she will do it. Of course Jimmy is against the idea, but she is leaving him no choice. And her Gay BFF and his partner have no choice, but to accept Jimmy who is really ignorant about their lifestyle. So that is how come Burt and Jimmy wound up in gay bar, for educational purposes.
Now we all know that women can dress as slutty or sexy anythings for Halloween, and tonight Burt Chance shows us that men can dress up as some thing sexy too. He will be sexy mailman with a huge package for the night! Let me tell you it is so hot, I wish he would deliver my mail and make sure it is SWAK!!!
Seriously guys Raising Hope is the best treat on television, and I don’t know why you are not watching it. I find myself laughing harder at one episode of this show then I do with almost all of the other comedies I watch for the week combined. So since there is nothing else to do tonight, why not waste your time watching this hilarious show!


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