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February 3rd, 2015 under ABC

Tonight at 10p on Forever, the murder that Henry (Ioan Gruffudd) is assigned to will hit close to home for his son, Abe (Judd Hirsch) and himself.
A man was murdered by a blunt force trauma to his head and his apartment is full of some of the best copycat art that Henry has ever seen. As Henry is admiring his pieces, Jo (Alana de la Garza) and Detective Hanson (Donnie Keshawarz) notice a swastika where the fatal injury is located. It is then that Henry realizes the art is not copies, but the real thing. They were stolen by the Nazis during the war and this man was trying to return the items to their rightful owners.
As they investigate his murder, they learn more about the stolen art and the great effort this man went through to get it back to the surviving family members. So who would want him dead?
Meanwhile, we learn even more about Abe’s past. While getting checked over by a nurse for insurance reasons, we find out that he doesn’t know anything about his parents that were killed in Auschwitz. When I say anything, I mean he doesn’t even know their names or what they look like. Even though it has been 70 years, it is still a hard subject for him and there is nothing that Henry can do to help him find those answers.
Adam (Burn Gorman) is back and he might have something for Abraham. During their not so chance meeting, Adam leaves a present for Henry with him at the antiques store, so that his father will contact him. When Henry and Adam meet, Adam reveals something very traumatic that happened to him and might explain why he is the way is.
What is that reveal? You will have to tune in to this very emotional episode to find out.
Also you will get to see Judd Hirsch give one of his most powerful and finest performances of his long career. A moment you don’t want to miss and you will want to have the tissues ready for it because it is a tearjerker.


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