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[ # ] Tonight’s episode of Two and a Half Men is winning!
November 7th, 2011 under Chuck Lorre

Tonight at 9p on CBS’s Two and a Half Men, they pay tribute to Charlie Harper aka Charlie Sheen in a way only Chuck Lorre can.
When Walden (Ashton Kucther) decides to donate Charlie’s piano, it really changes Alan. When I say changes him, I mean it is as though he is possessed by his late brother and takes on his personality. To see Jon Cryer take on Sheen’s disposition is freaking hysterical because it is so unlike him and he totally nails it. For example when he catches his son kissing a girl he says, “We know what happens after making out, making in and out.” But as funny (and true) as that line is, it not as hilarious as the last line in tonight’s episode. So make sure your DVR is set to go past 9:30p.
Once you hear that line (you will know that winning line when it happens) get your finger on the pause button so you can read Chuck Lorre’s sweet Vanity Card that explains how the hit sitcom came about.


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