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March 3rd, 2010 under Nip/Tuck

Tonight at 10p after 100 episodes, FX’s Nip/Tuck says goodbye. The show that started off a cut above the rest and then about midway through it lost it looks, but towards the end it got a much needed (face)lift and because of that I am sad to see this show go. Tonight’s episode was not originally suppose to be the last one, but FX decided to end it at 100 and because of that the episode feels kind of forced. Things wrap up for the series, but you are not feeling 100% satisfied. I think because after 7 seasons you were expecting the show end on a bang (literally) and it did not.
Either way I am so grateful that we had as much of the show as we did have because if Nip/Tuck was on any other network it would not have it made it episode 2. The things this show did and showed, opened the door for other shows to take risks that they would not have been able to do had Nip/Tuck not done them first!
Thank you and goodbye to Nip/Tuck!


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