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[ # ] Tonight is all about Christopher Gorham’s Covert Affairs!
August 24th, 2010 under USA Network

They say love is blind, but on tonight’s Covert Affairs on USA at 10p is all about the loves of the blind CIA Agent Auggie. Christopher Gorham will wow you tonight when Auggie finally goes back in the field after his accident. Only problem is that the person he is sent to get information from his ex-girlfriend. How will she react to her ex and how he will he react to her? Let’s just say the two will go on the run together and both will find their lives in danger. No matter what is thrown at them Auggie tries his best to defend her and not once does Gorham break character. When I say he never breaks character, I mean just like the series so far he plays the role as a man who cannot see. He sincerely has impressed me with what a great job he is doing as Auggie. Not only is he the one impressing me, so is USA’s latest hit that gets better each week just like the show’s ratings.
Oh and the reason why I said loves because Auggie’s ex Natasha isn’t the only woman in his life that he is kissing, but you will have to tune into USA tonight at 10p to find out who is other Covert Affair is with…
That and to hear these brilliant interaction…“It’s like Comic-Con for nerds,” and the response to that is “Isn’t that just Comic-Con?” Anyone who knows anything about Comic-Con knows just how perfect that last line is!


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