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[ # ] Tom Cruise almost played Bo Brady on Days of our Lives
October 17th, 2023 under TV Soaps

Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell were on the podcast Hey Dude… The 90s Called, and they told David Lascher and Christine Taylor about auditioning for the Soap Opera.

Alfonso was the first to get the role because she was under contract with NBC. Then, they wanted her to test with potential Bo Bradys to see if they had chemistry. Since they gave her the role without auditioning her, she didn’t want to test with the actors in case they didn’t like her acting. So, she had her people lie to the producers.

Several actors, including Reckell, came in to test for the role, and one of them became one the hugest movie stars in the world. That man is Tom Cruise.

Reckell didn’t remember that, so Alfonso shared the story of how they found out about it. The late Frances Reid, who is the matriarch of the series, was on a plane, and she sat next to Cruise. And when she told him she was on the Daytime Drama, he shared with her that he auditioned for Bo.

Reckell is happy to have the bragging rights that beat Cruise out for the job, especially since he thinks Cruise “did okay for himself ”

Now, imagine what if Cruise got the role of Bo? Reckell would’ve been the one who starred in Top Gun and Mission Impossible, and Cruise would’ve been talking to two people who didn’t do any research before they filmed the podcast with the actors.

They actually asked if Bo and Hope came before Luke and Laura and if Days is one of the only soaps left. It would be like asking Christine Taylor who she is married to because she is more famous for that than any of her roles.


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