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[ # ] TLC walks down the aisle with the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Challenge
September 15th, 2019 under DIscovery Networks/Discovery+

Did you know there is annual contest to see who can make a wedding dress out of toliet paper. Yes, the stuff we use to wipe our, well you know. There is and starting on September 30th, TLC will take us behind the scenes with there docuseries Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Challenge.

The contest was started in 2002 by sisters, Susan Bain and Laura Gawne, owners of Charm Weddings. Since then thousands of people from all over the World submit their wedding gowns. Of those who entered, only 12 move on to the finals.

Each dress is made only of tape, glue, thread and toilet paper. Don’t tell Sheryl Crow but over 116,000 sheets of Quilted Northern® toilet paper were used to make a woman’s dream come true. On that note, it needs to worn by someone.

Before that happens we will watch the process it takes to make the one of a kind fashion piece. Then the judges will pick one person from the three categories, cultural, modern and traditional to move on to the finals. Finally, only one person goes from the runway to the aisle.

The best thing about this gown is that the bride does not have to worry about going to the bathroom once she is in it. That is because her dress will soak everything up! Time does not have to turn the white gown yellow. If you know what I mean…

To read about the contestants, then

Ronaldo, 52 (Chesapeake, VA)
Ronaldo has been competing since 2014, won the competition in 2018, and has remained a fan favorite ever since. Coming from a large Filipino family, Ronaldo hopes to honor his heritage in this year’s submission with his modern Filipina wedding dress.

Donna, 63 (Brentwood, TN)
Reigning as Miss Mississippi 1980 and serving currently as Miss Tennessee Senior America, this crafty gal intends to go for the crown once again. This year she is entering her intricate white, gold and silver floral dress in the traditional category.

Leonor, 34 (Santa Rosa, CA)
First-time competitor Leonor has sacrificed a lot for this time-consuming hobby. As a newly divorced mother, she wants to win so she can be a positive role model for her toddler. Leonor’s entry falls into the modern category and features a bodice, detailed with sequins and small lace features.

Mimoza, 42 (Surfside Beach, SC)
Mimoza relies on crochet and design as a form of therapy when she misses her home country of Albania. Making dresses allows her to tap into her creative side and helps cure her loneliness. Mimoza’s modern dress takes a unique approach and is entirely crocheted using thread, made from toilet paper of course!

Frank, 30 (Palm Springs, CA)
Proudly representing the Latino community, Frank is back for the sixth year in a row with even more determination. Frank came from humble means and was once even homeless, but nevertheless he has always made do with what he has. This year, he draws inspiration for his modern dress from the Costume Institute’s annual fashion exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Suzi, 57 (Atlanta, GA)
This South African home executive and hairdresser discovered her knack for crafting when she began making her granddaughter mermaid costumes and creating epic works of art out of the shrubbery around her home. Her modern submission took a total restart the night before the entry deadline, in order to create a dress that combines aspects from steampunk and her love for over-the-top hats.

Ashley, 34 (St. Louis, MO)
Ashley owes her affinity for sewing and creating fancy vintage-inspired dresses to the women in her family. As a recent divorcee, she vows to prove her independence and pay homage to her mother and grandmother. Ashley created her traditional dress by working tirelessly for two months, incorporating 1,636 ruffles and glitter glue “jewels.”

Susan, 33 (Ventura, CA)
As a multi-time entrant and winner, nothing will stop Susan from competing. This competition has her hooked and she knows there is a reason for her to be here. Susan’s modern design includes glitter glue zippers, snaps, applique flowers and a personalized moto jacket piece with the word “wifey” on the back.

Gale, 63 (Chesterfield, MO)
First-time entrant Gale took a risk with her modern entry and created a dress that incorporates whimsical and fairytale elements inspired by her love for nature.

Van, 29 (Brooklyn, NY)
A repeat contestant, Van is studying to be a software engineer and works part time teaching kids how to sew. Her dream is to simultaneously have successful careers in technology and clothing design. Using a macramé technique for the overskirt and constructing 300 stars to create a feathering effect, Van is hoping to honor her recently departed mother and win the modern category.

Carol, 67 (Pompano Beach, FL)
Carol and her boyfriend have been together for 22 years, but have never tied the knot. She hopes to win the competition so they can finally have the wedding they truly deserve. This will be her seventh year competing and this time, she’s shooting for the stars with a dress inspired by a Dior gown.

Lindsay, 29 (Queens, NY)
Lindsay is a strong believer in the “bigger is better” philosophy and her traditional submission demonstrates just that! Being a professional Broadway designer has largely influenced her creations and her ultimate professional dream is to make movie costume replicas to sell online. She wanted the width of her dress to be about the same length of the person wearing it, the most intricate part being the ruffles that she spent 100 hours working on.


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