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[ # ] Tis the season to give, how will people react to the kindness of a stranger?
December 1st, 2015 under Admirable People

Almost a year ago, Josh Paler Lin warmed every ones hearts when he handed a homeless man a hundred dollars to see what he would do with the money. That man took the cash, went into a liquor store and surprised us all when he bought $100 worth of food and started handing it out to other homeless people.
Since then, Paler has continued to do good for strangers. Recently, he filmed himself doing nice things for people on the street to see how they would react to the kindness of a stranger. Some of the things he did was pay for the meals of the people behind him at a drive-thru, gave hot coffee to strangers, handed a rose to women and filled the gas tanks of people he didn’t even know. Then when he was done for the day, he saw a tent city of homeless people. Instead of going home, he went to McDonald’s, bought a bunch of hamburgers and handed them out to them.
We know that doing a good thing for someone we don’t know feels really good, turns out you get the same reaction watching people do it too.
Christmas is a time of giving and this video reminds us to give to those who need it. This year has been filled with so much hate, let’s remind each other that there is still a lot love out there. Find a way to make someone happy with the littlest gesture, I promise you it will be worth more than any expensive gift you will give to a loved one.
Last week, when I was driving to do an errand, I saw a broken down car. I know, I shouldn’t stop, but it was the day before Thanksgiving, how could I not offer some assistance. Eventually the tow truck came and took them away, and I was left with the great feeling that I just did something nice and they were left with the feeling that someone did something nice for them. I liked that feeling and will continue to do mitvah’s this holiday season, will you join me on this quest?
BTW don’t tell anyone I said this, it will ruin my reputation.


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