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[ # ] Timeless ends its season with a reveal that’ll piss you off if NBC doesn’t renew it
May 13th, 2018 under NBC

Timeless gets a 2-hour season finale starting at 9p tonight that is so good, you do not want to miss it. Not only because it is entertaining but also because we need to save this show that makes history interesting.

In the first episode, they travel back to 1863 and the Civil War. They need to stop Rittenhouse from stopping Harriet Tubman so that South won’t win the war. Therefore, our guys pose as Union spies to protect our history. By doing so we get to see how truly bad a$$ Tubman is and why she deserves to be on our $20 bill.

Then for the second episode, Jiya (Claudia Doumit) is kidnapped by Jessica (Tonya Glanz) and taken to Rittenhouse. She escapes from them and gets lost in time. Eventually, Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) finds out when she is and they go back to save her in San Fransisco’s Chinatown. When Rufus, Lucy (Abigail Spencer), Wyatt (Matt Lanter) and Flynn (Goran Višnjić) arrive in 1888, they go to the restaurant she was photographed and Rittenhouse has already beaten them to the location.

Now they are in a race against time to save Jiya before it is too late. The only problem, this is the time that Jiya had her vision when Rufus would die. Now, they have to not only get back to 2018, they need to all get back alive. Will they?

All leading to an ending that will make you curse out NBC if they do not pick up this show for a third season. It is one of the most shocking and exciting cliffhangers ever to end a season in TV history. Which is fitting for a show about history.

#SaveTimeless by watching!


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