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[ # ] Time to sing again because Glee is back tonight!!!
September 9th, 2009 under Glee

Finally after months of waiting we are getting a whole new episode of Glee on Fox at 9p and let’s just say good things come to those who wait!
Tonight’s episode picks up where the last one left off. Will Schuester is still trying to get recruits for Glee to keep it alive and he is going to have them perform at an assembly to try to get some new members. What song he wants them to sing is not what they want to do, so they take matters in their own hands. And let’s say they were right because they actually made Push It raunchier than it already was!
Besides getting a few new awesome songs, we are also getting to know the characters on the show a little better. We go home with Will and see the relationship he has with his pregnant wife and as we have seen in the promos she really isn’t. Wait until you see how the show handles her situation, let’s just say it has Glee creator’s Ryan Murphy’s touch all over it. He is not the only teacher we get to know, we learn why Emma Pillsbury (can Jayma Mays be any cuter) is as neurotic as she is and it really makes sense. Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch is so brilliant) gets a job as a commentator on a local news station and I want one of her on my local news. You would think that job would keep her busy enough to leave Glee alone, but what would the fun in that be for us? Now what about those Glee kids, Rachel Berry has her eye set on two prizes being the star of Glee and Finn Hudson. Which one do you think is more attainable for her? And when she doesn’t get what she wants, she makes changes. Finn has his own problems with his girlfriend and his teammates accepting him on Glee. Then there is Kurt Hummel and in two weeks he will be really good at something you never ever thought he would be good at! We learn a lot more about him and he will win our hearts over and we won’t be the only ones.
Whenever I start think that Hollywood is running out of original ideas, I put on Glee and I get reminded that there is still some brilliant thinking out there! I am so glad that Glee is not a one episode wonder because after seeing two more since the pilot, I can’t wait for more and I know you will feel the same way I do!!! So sign up for Glee tonight and every Wednesday at 9p on Fox following So You Think You Can Dance. BTW SYTYCD is making its fall premiere tonight at 8p!


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