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[ # ] Timber! Down goes Shaq!!!
December 7th, 2022 under Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith decided to have a race during NBA on TNT yesterday, and O’Neal had only one rule. Not to cheat.

However, Smith doesn’t like rules. So, he pushed Shaq, and the NBA giant fell down into the huge Christmas tree. And the pine didn’t even flinch.

That is one sturdy tree. Now, I and other cat owners want to know their secret. Because I have seen 7 lbs, kitties take down the sturdiest of trees. Yet, when a 300 lbs, 7’1″, NBA analyst crashed down onto one, it didn’t even budge. It lost several pines and a few branches, but it didn’t move. It is a Christmas miracle.

And it is also a Christmas miracle that Shaq didn’t retaliate. Because if I were him, I would have lifted Smith up and put him on top of one of the smaller trees like an angel.

Oh, and can we talk about how Ernie Johnson tried to lift the fallen Shaq up? Like he was going to be able to do that on his own. There is not enough adrenaline in the world for that to have happened.


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