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[ # ] Tia Mowry’s daughter got into her pantyliners
April 23rd, 2020 under The Mowry Siblings

Tia Mowry/Instagram

Toddlers all over the world are going stir crazy because they have not have seen anyone their own age in what feels like forever. They are so bored, they don’t know what to do with themselves. These kids have colored in every coloring book, seen Frozen 2 more times than anyone should, they are so over Lego, and they need something to do. What can they do?

If they are Tia Mowry’s daughter Cairo, then they get into her mother’s panty liners and stick them to the shower door.

Is the mom of the nearly two-year-old mad? Nope, the actress said, “Well, I was gonna say ‘no’, #cairo, but then again, we gotta keep them busy right!”

Any parent can tell you, whatever keeps them quiet, no matter how much trouble, trouble they are going to get in, is well worth it.

Silence and alone time is something that does not come easy to moms of pre-schoolers these days.


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