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[ # ] Thomas Haden Church got kicked out of the same concert twice!
August 16th, 2012 under Jimmy Kimmel

Thomas Haden Church was on Jimmy Kimmel Live and the late night host asked him what he did he was a kid in Texas. So he told him about the time when he was college and went with some friends to see Van Halen and Black Sabbath. The guys wanted to get the band’s attention, so they brought a huge rolled up “cigarette” and David Lee Roth stole it from them with not as much of a thank you. Then after Roth jumped away, the security guards threw them out of the show. Pissed that they traveled 400 miles for the concert, they sneaked around back and tried to climb the chain link fence to no avail. After Van Halen finished their show, Thomas called out to him saying he was the one who gave him the “cigarette”. So they were let in with the strict instructions that they were not to talk to anyone and not to bring any attention to themselves. Well as soon as friend saw Ozzy Osbourne, he screamed out his name and again they were kicked out of the show. Not many people can say that they were escorted out by security twice in one night. You know what I think that is so cool that I so want to go to a concert with him because he really knows how to rock.
BTW I wonder if Van Halen ever made it up to him? They totally should, right?


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