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[ # ] This woman can really down a piece of a meat!
May 27th, 2014 under Eating Contests, Guinness World Records, Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

Molly Schuyler is proving to be one of the best competitive eaters out there, even though she weighs around 125lbs. Yesterday, she traveled to Texas to beat her own record at The Big Texan 72 oz. Steak Challenge. Not only did she eat the monster Steak, a Shrimp Cocktail, Baked Potato, Salad, and Roll with Butter in less time than before, she also beat the previous record holder by half his time. You might’ve heard of him, his name is Joey Chestnut, and he wins that Nathan’s Hot Dog Challenge almost every year recently.
So how fast did she eat all of that food? Are you sitting down? She ate nearly 5 pounds of meat plus some carbs and fish in just under 5 minutes. That’s right she did the challenge in 4:58 seconds. Then when she was done, she did it all over again. But this time she did it in almost twice the time.
Just think about this for a second. A woman who weighs a buck and a quarter ate almost 10 pounds of meat in about 15 minutes. About time a woman showed some men that we can eat just as much as them, if not more.
BTW Schuyler isn’t happy just holding the record. She said on YouTube that she plans on going back and doing it again. But this time, she wants to do the meal not once, not twice, but three times. That is more meat than I can fathom.
Do you think you can do The Big Texan 72 oz. Steak Challenge in less than hour? I know I couldn’t.


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