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[ # ] This will restore your faith in humanity!
December 23rd, 2014 under Admirable People

Josh Paler Lin decided to do a little experiment and the outcome was something neither him nor us would ever expect.
He went up to a random homeless man and gave him $100. Then he followed him around to see what he would do with the money. The guy walked into a liquor store and came out with a big bag. What we all expected is that he stocked up on booze and we are all wrong. Because after he came out of the store, they continued to follow him to see what was in the shopping bag. To his surprise and ours, he bought food and was handing it out to other people that are in the same predicament as him.
Josh had to ask him about it. The guy told him he did not know the people he was giving the food to. Therefore, Josh asked him why he did it; and he told him “There are things money can’t buy. I get a happiness out of what I am doing.” Lin was so touched by his actions that he gave him another hundred bucks even though the guy didn’t want to take it. Both men were left stunned by the other one and we are left stunned by both of them.
Then Lin wanted to find out how he found himself living on the street. The man’s mother and stepfather, who he was living with, were both sick and on hospice care. The insurance only covered so much, so he quit his job to take care of them. Both of them died within two weeks of each other. The place where they were living was sold and then he found himself homeless for the last four months. The man also explained there are a lot of good people on the streets who find themselves suddenly without a home for many different reasons.
This is something we have to remember the next time see someone who finds themselves in a bad situation. I know it is something I will remember. Who would think a video that is under 5 minutes could leave such an impact, but it does.
Thank you to Josh Paler Lin for restoring my faith in humanity, I hope that he does the same for you.
Now, I am going to wipe my tears off because I can’t stop crying after watching this.


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