Seriously? OMG! WTF? » This reporter’s reaction to a scary ride at the fair is a scream!
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[ # ] This reporter’s reaction to a scary ride at the fair is a scream!
July 23rd, 2018 under TV News

When you work in local news, you sometimes get assigned to do an exciting story. That is what Q13’s Ellen Tailor thought at first when they told her to go cover the King County Fair in Enumclaw, Washington. Then when she got there, they told her she was doing the Super Shot. She was all in until she found out there no alcohol was involved.

Instead, it is a big scary ride that takes you up really high and then drops 120 feet. How did she do? She let out a scream that pierced all of our eardrums and then revealed that was not the only thing she let out. She also came close to wetting her pants. And with that, I cannot wait to try that ride. It got the pee pee stamp of approval!

Therefore, she also gave us a little warning. Make sure to use the bathroom before you go on that ride because you don’t want to lose it while you are losing your cool. You know what I mean. That and pray the people who went before you did the same thing. You don’t want to sit on a wet seat because you know that it is not Mountain Dew that made your butt all warm and tingly.


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