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[ # ] #ThisMorning’s anchors get the giggle talking to Hollywood’s Prostethic King
May 16th, 2022 under This Morning

This morning on This Morning, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield interviewed Matthew Mungle, who has been giving Hollywood actors a helping hand down there.

Who is he? Is he a fluffer? Nope, he has an even better job. He is one of the leading prosthetic makers in Hollywood, and recently his business has expanded to below the belt. He is the man that made a fake dick for Chris Hemsworth in Vacation and a fake scrotum for Will Ferrell in Stepbrothers.

However, Mungle has done several more, and the anchors had so many questions for him. Like, what does he need from the makeup department to make the male enhancing prosthetic? He has to ask for the size, the girth, and he never forgets about the balls. Unlike us women sometimes.

At that moment, Holly and Phillip started giggling, and Mungle kept a straight face. I guess when you are making franks and beans for a living, nothing about the male anatomy can turn you into a kid as it did us as we watched.

It wasn’t all funny; he got serious when he explained why some productions do it. It makes men feel comfortable when they are doing a nude scene. It is like a Merkin for women. You think you are seeing them naked, but you aren’t.

We know that Ferrell kept his boys, but what about Hemsworth? Mungle said, “Production gave it to him in a shadow box. And he put it on his mantlepiece with his Thor hammer. So he got both hammers together.”

What more could they ask the creative artist? Holly needed to know if they are expensive? Mungle says stock molds go for $850-$1,000, and the ones made from scratch cost $1,400-$2,500. I will stick to buying a penis silicone maker for my men of the month for less than $50. Although, extensions would help some of them.

If you want to see more of Mungle’s work, then check out his website W.M. Creations, Inc.


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