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[ # ] This might be one of the most perfect answers on Family Feud!
June 25th, 2018 under Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey asked two men on Family Feud, “Name something you might like to have 2 of on your bed?” Jesse buzzed in first and what do you think he said? Of course, he proudly went with, “Women, Steve!”

His opponent Carson thought it was such a perfect answer that he went over to Jesse, gave him that manly handshake and a half hug. Which made the host scold him with a “Carson, him I got. But you went over and hugged him. That little Bible study is going to be packed next week.” I am sure there is a passage in the great book somewhere about Ménage à trois he can talk to them about. If not we can pretend that there is one because it would definitely get more people into worship!

BTW can you believe that only 8 people said two other people in the bed? I have wanted two men in my bed since I saw it on Skinamax when I was a preteen! Pillows you can buy at any big box store, men are a little more expensive!

Seriously though, hats off to Jesse for saying what we were all thinking!


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