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[ # ] This liveshot captures the spirit and love of Houston!
August 31st, 2017 under Admirable People

KABC’s Elex Michaelson was sent from Los Angeles to Houston to cover the horrible flooding they are having there from Hurricane Harvey. While doing a liveshot from a rescue boat, he met 92-year-old Shirley, who had all of her rescuers, the news station and the people in Houston, laughing when she told the reporter, “Oh, I didn’t realize (I was on TV). I would have worn my wig for the occasion.” She also flattered her Knights in Shining Armour, who carried her to their boat because she has bad knees and her son to help them flee to dry land as their community was put under a mandatory evacuation due to the rising waters.

Throughout the interview, she remained so positive even though she thought she would go down with the ship aka the house she has lived in with her son since 2000. Even though she did not want to leave, her son and her rescuers convinced her it was the right thing to do. And we are glad that they did because the other refugees are going to need her humor in the makeshift homes until they know the fate of their currents ones. Hopefully, more houses will survive than the estimates of the nearly 70,000 that are lost.

While Shirley was a big part of this interview, we also saw many other rescues going on in boats of all sizes. People, who had boats, came to the Houston area to save as many lives as possible. You can see that going on and that generosity warms my heart. Just when you think America has become a country full of hate, you see we are still full of love.

I admit it, I cried when I watched them sail down the street and all of these boats were there to help strangers. We are all good people and this liveshot proved it to me. May Gd bless all of you, and get you through this. I know he will.

As someone who lived in Miami around Andrew, I can tell you, you will rebuild. #HoustonStrong will be Houston Stronger because of it. Gd bless!



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