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[ # ] This is how Tommy Shaw is getting ready to tour with Styx
June 27th, 2022 under Styx


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Styx is going back on the road next month to celebrate rocking out for 50 years, and Tommy Shaw is getting ready to play the guitar for the band. How is the singer preparing to strum? He is playing with something else that has a string attached to it. What is it? It is a Paddleball.

Remember that game we played as kids. You know, the one where our parents would laugh at us when we hit the ball against our heads and cried to them in excruciating pain? Well, Shaw better not do the same because the band’s fans have waited long enough to see them live again.

If the Renegade wants us to keep on loving them, he won’t do anything that will risk his chance of us being able to sail away with them.

Back to the beat of the Paddleball. Am I the only singing Mr. Roboto to the beat of the bouncing ball?

One last note, can we talk about how Shaw never ages? The 68-year-old looks the same as when joined the band in 1975.


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