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[ # ] Things to Do on a First Date to Get to a Second
February 26th, 2019 under Uncategorized

Securing the first date may not be as simple as many people think. People, especially ladies, do not give in easily even after knowing you for a while. After all, they may have fallen into men’s flirting games a couple of times and may be on their guard. But if you have succeeded in winning her for a first date, it is time to stand in front of your bathroom mirror and rehearse your lines well to increase your chances of getting a second date. As soon as you meet, the ball will be on your side to impress your partner as well as to make a first impression that will last.

Choose the Location Well
The location that you choose to have your first date will determine whether you will get the second date or not. Choosing a cheap back-street restaurant for your dinner will only get frowns from your partner. They will definitely show up if they said yes to the date, but they will swear to themselves to never give in to your requests again. It is already easy enough to lose a possible lover, and even easier if you take this approach.

Be Confident
It is normal for a man to feel nervous on a first date no matter how many men they can knock down in a fight. And women typically feel even more nervous than men. But one has to remain confident for things to flow well. Women love men who are confident and can take charge of things. If you are this kind of warrior, she will definitely give in when you ask, “So, when can we do this again?”

Bring Some Humor With You
Even if you are not the type whose jokes make people laugh at your favorite bar, it is time to get on Google and search for some first date humor tips. You need to make her smile from the beginning to the end of the date if you want her to say yes to the second date. If you have been to the Happymatches website or any other dating site, you will notice that every woman wants to have a funny guy, especially sugar daddies and mommies who are lonely.

Dress for the Occasion
The first impression matters a lot. How a person dresses when showing up for the first date tells more about who they are. Both men and women should give it their best here. If need be, you can make an effort to buy a coat that will match your favorite jeans and shoes. A nice shirt will catch her attention and make her feel proud. If your perfume is expensive and attractive, she is likely to say yes to the second date before you even ask.

Don’t Drink Yourself Silly
Your first date with a potential partner is definitely not a day to tie on one too many. It will not make you a hero. Instead, it is annoying and irresponsible. One or two beers to keep her company as she enjoys the wine of her choice after dinner is perfectly okay. You will both enjoy and look forward to having another date.


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