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March 31st, 2023 under Movies

Birdemic: Shock and Terror was a cult classic because it was so awful. As in, it was so bad that it was laughable. The script was horrendous. The special effects were so fake and cheap. And the acting was worse than an elementary school production. And even with all of that, it worked somehow.

The same could not be said about Birdemic 2, which was just unwatchable.

So I thought that would be the merciful ending to the franchise. And I was wrong because they made Birdemic 3: Sea Eagle. Which is described as, “From writer/director James Nguyen comes this new sequel to his BIRDEMIC: SHOCK AND TERROR, “the worst film ever made and a true cult hit” (The Guardian): When global warming triggers chaos along the Northern ”

Since I am a sucker, I have been sucked into wanting to see this movie. I am sure I will regret it. But we all make bad choices in life. And this will be another one of mine.


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