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[ # ] These ALS Ice Bucket Challenges Reign over all the others!
August 18th, 2014 under ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Bloopers

All week long I have been posting different celebrities who took part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and now there are so many that I am just doing one big post.
Reign stars Torrance Coombs and Toby Regbo decided to change things up. The two TV Princes dunked their heads in the water and for every second they kept it under, they donated $10 to the ALS Association. Then after they came up for air, someone dumped all of that water all over their heads. Now that were soaking wet, they challenged their boss, the head of The CW, to do it too. If this period drama is abruptly cancelled we will know why. Which I hope it isn’t because I can’t wait for it to return on October 2nd.

While they are Sophomores at The CW, the Virgin, as in the star of Jane the Virgin, also did it and she was so cute. There is nothing special about Gina Rodriguez‘s video, except that you can see she truly is this year’s break out star. Make sure to check out this season’s sweetest new show when it debuts on October 13th.

They weren’t the only ones at The CW who found themselves all wet, Arrow stars Colton Haynes & Emily Bett Rickards found themselves drenched in water even though they weren’t expecting it. What I love about this one, is not only did it rain buckets of ice water on them from the roof, John Barrowman’s maniacal as it happened made it so much better. On that note the host of Sing Your Face Off had so much water poured on him, his face almost came off. You can see his video here. And you can see all of them on October 8th when the action series is back on The CW.

Now you knew that Hugh Jackman was going to go big and he went huge. Not only did Captain Hook make the whole cast and crew walk the plank with with him, he had fireworks go off in the background. It truly was an event for them.

Weird Al Yankovic went big too, but in a different way. He nominated President Barack Obama (who sadly said he won’t do it), the Dalai Lama and the Pope. As of now none of them have accepted his challenge.

To see the Tara Reid, Will Arnett, Jon Cryer, Scott Lowell, Russell Crowe, Gwen Stefani and Dean Cain do it, then

Tara Reid can handle a Sharknado, but she can’t handle some ice. If only she screamed like that when the shark bit off her hand in the sequel, I might’ve take that scene more seriously. Wait, was that movie supposed to be taken seriously at any point? Anyways love that person kept apologizing to her.

Will Arnett is the only one whose challenge video came with bloopers. I guess that is what happens when you let your sons direct. I mean those boys have no choice but to be funny because look at who their parents are, The Millers’ (which is back on CBS October 30th) star and Amy Poehler.

Arnett wasn’t the only CBS star to do it multiple times, Jon Cryer did it too. That’s because two of his Two and a Half Men roommates challenged him to do it. Ashton Kutcher did it yesterday with just water and Charlie Sheen did it today with a bucket full of $10,000 cash. Duckie matched both of them, proving what a good guy he truly is.
You can see that truly great guy for the final episodes of 2.5 which begins on October 30th.

Scott Lowell is the only star I saw, who not only put on a tie to do it, but he also made it sexy. That ice melted as soon as it touched him because the Queer as Folk star was so hot as he did it. I guess he learned something from his co-star, Gale Harold, who for some reason he didn’t challenge to do it.
Next up for ALS’s Ice Bucket Challenge sexiest is The Elephant Man on Broadway with People’s Sexiest, Bradley Cooper, starting on January 15th

One of the most bizarre ones of them all is Russell Crowe‘s. Words can’t describe how weird it is, so watch it. The only thing that would make this even better is if he sang as he did it.

Blake Shelton, not only nominated Gwen Stefani, he also poured the ice water on her. Since he is a sadist like me, the original Voice coach did it as slow as he possibly could. Making her feel each ice cube as he touched her body. I wonder if that is what she meant by Hollaback Girl?
I wonder if she will be cold to him when The Voice returns to NBC on September 20th?

Finally, Dean Cain‘s dog says it all.

We can knock these videos all we want, but as of today they helped the ALS Association to raise over $15 million dollars. So they have done good and that is all that matters!


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