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[ # ] There are nude pictures of James Spader out there!!!
July 24th, 2009 under Boston Legal, James Spader

James Spader tells Jam! Showbiz that there are nude pictures of him from the early ’90s out there and he wants to stop them before they become public. The Sex, Lies and Videotape star says that while he was vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard he decided to lay out naked when some guy decided to snap pix of him in his birthday suit. So why would the actor during his hay day be all worried about these photos so much? Here is what they told them…

He says, “I had been acting for maybe a decade at the time, so I was really not that recognisable, but enough… I noticed way down the beach this guy, fully clothed, walking toward me. And I notice he’s got a newspaper under his arm. And now I notice he’s got a camera. And I’m thinking, I don’t know, maybe he’s a tourist. I wasn’t that savvy. And of course, being a guy, the only thing I could think is that I just gotten out of the cold water.”

How cute is it that he is nervous about the pix getting out there because he wasn’t standing at his best because he just came out of the cold water. Shrinkage or not, I want to see those pictures! Granted if they were from his Tuff Turf days that would be even better! That was such a great movie, totally rent it if you haven’t seen it!!!
BTW for some reason I feel the need to mention that his next movie Shorts (seems appropriate to mention it now, no?) is out on August 21st.


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