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[ # ] This was the best tackle at the Super Bowl
February 8th, 2021 under Super Bowl



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First off, I will admit that I didn’t watch the Super Bowl yesterday. From what I understand, I didn’t miss anything.

Well, maybe I missed something like a man running down the field in a hot pink one-piece bathing suit and black shorts. As soon as security saw him, they chased after him like he was the quarterback on the team holding the game-winning ball. He was able to outrace them and score something the Kansas Chiefs didn’t. That thing was a touchdown.

Not exactly a touchdown. He fell down, and several officers touched him.

While the people at home did not get to see this all happen, fans at the stadium did. I saw several videos shot from the yard lines. But datguy_rob captured it from the End Zone. Do you know what? It was even better from the head-on angle.

BTW How much do you want to bet that he lost a bet while he was drunk, and that is why he did it?


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