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[ # ] The Village is the feel good show we need right now
March 19th, 2019 under NBC
How many of us wish we had neighbors that are as caring as our family? Tonight at 10p on NBC, The Village is the story of one building in Brooklyn where the residents are just that.

Enzo (Dominic Chianese) used to live in The Village, but his son thought his aging dad would be better off in a nursing home. Sarah (Michaela McManus) works there and she also lives in the building. She has arranged it so that one of her patients, Nick (Warren Christie) will get to live there too. He recently came back from Afghanistan where he lost his leg. When Nick goes to move in, he is greeted by the friendly super and bar owner, Ron (Frankie Faison), who welcomes him with open arms. As they are talking, cops come to arrest Ava (Moran Atias) because they say that she forged her immigration documents. Her neighbor Ben (Jerod Haynes) is a cop and tries to vouch for her during the arrest. It does not work. Ron calls his wife, who is a social worker, to help out. She calls their neighbor Gabe (Darren Kagasoff), who is in law school, and asks him to be her lawyer. He says he cannot help her because he hasn’t graduated, but that won’t stop Enzo’s grandson from helping out. And we come full circle.

Enzo’s friend/roommate passed away. When he gets one that he does not like, he asks Sarah to help him get rid of the new guy. She has problems of her own. Her teenage daughter, Katie (Grace Van Dien), who she had as a teenager, is pregnant. It takes a village to raise a child and Katie is going to have just that. Especially, since Enzo asks his grandson if he can move in with him and his girlfriend, and Gabe says yes.

Those are just a few of the stories that take place in this building where the neighbors actually care about each other.

The World is full of heartless people these days, so we need shows with heart. The Village is just that. To me, it is up there with New Amsterdam in that department. All heart and no bull. It is not a procedural where we have to solve the mystery of the week. It is not a superhero show where they have to save the day every week. It is not a medical show where they make us think we have an incurable disease every week. It is just a show about family helping each other out. Don’t we need more shows like this on television? Watch so we can get more of this than the scare of the week. I promise you will adore it as much as me and my cat.


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