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[ # ] The Sweeter Side of Life lives up to its name!
January 19th, 2013 under Hallmark, Michael Damian

The Sweeter Side of Life debuts on Hallmark tonight at 9p and you will want to eat this movie up.
Desiree Harper (Kathryn Morris) is living the high life in Manhattan married to a very wealthy doctor, and then one day he comes home and tells her he wants a divorce. He gets everything; the house, money, clothes, jewels and their friends and she finds herself living back with her dad (James Best) in NJ. He runs a struggling a bakery and since she has nothing better to do she decides to help him out. While she is working for him she finds out that baking makes her happy and so does Benny (Alastair Mackenzie). Now that she is happy there is only one thing that might make her happier, what if her ex-husband would take her back. When he shows up she has to make a choice, which life will she choose? You will have to tune into this very sweet movie, that was written and directed by Michael Damian, to find out!


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