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February 12th, 2015 under NBC

What happens if there were parents of a boy who didn’t believe in disciplining him. The little boy is destructive and does whatever he wants. One day, when he is playing with your kid and your nephew’s kids, he starts swinging a wooden bat erratically around them. You ask his parents to control him and they barely do anything. So you grab the kid by the shoulders and tell him to listen to adults, and then he kicks you in the shin. A reaction for some might be to slap him, while others would be to just walk away.
For Harry, he slaps the kid and everyone’s lives change on The Slap because of it. The 8 part mini-series starts tonight at 8p on NBC and you don’t want to miss it.
The first episode is about Hector’s 40th party at his house and his family and friends come to celebrate it there. Hector (Peter Sarsgaard) is happily married to Aisha (Thandie Newton) and they have three kids. They have their issues, and his Greek parents are major part of them. His cousin, Harry (Zachary Quinto) is a very successful cars salesman who has a temper. He is married to Sandi (Marin Ireland) and they have a son named Rocco (Owen Tanzer). Then there is Aisha’s childhood friend Rosie (Melissa George) who treats her son, Hugo (Dylan Schombing), like a baby. Even though he is in school, she is still breastfeeding him.
When Hugo acts up the party, Harry takes things in his own hands. He slaps him and now Rosie is determined it get him arrested for the crime.
Harry’s life is being ruined because of it and so is everyone elses who was the party. Each week we will see the effects through a different character’s eyes. Things are going to get worse for them, before it gets better. For some, it doesn’t.
Each week you will ask yourself if Harry did the right thing or the wrong thing. You will ask yourself, what would you do in that situation? And you will start to have that discussion with people you know. Therefore, The Slap will get you talking.
The Slap is a remake of the Australian version and after watching two episodes of the American one and the complete Aussie one, I have to say I like the USA one better. If you’ve seen the original one on Netflix, know that this one doesn’t go in the same order. I am curious to see how else it differs. I will tell you another difference is that Hugo is so much worse in the American version.
Tune in to NBC tonight and every Thursday at 8p for a show that will be watercooler talk tomorrow.


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