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[ # ] The Simpsons turns 600 tonight with Treehouse of Horror!
October 16th, 2016 under The Simpsons

Can you believe that The Simpsons is turning 600 tonight at 8p on Fox? It is and they are doing it with their annual Treehouse of Horror episode. Past arch nemesises will be back to haunt them at the beginning of the show before we get into another epic couch gag. From there we go to their take of Hunger Games with Monty Burns hogging all of the water. Once that spooky tale ends, all of Lisa Simpson’s best friends are getting murdered. Who is killing the off? Finally it is time for the best story of the night. Moe’s has a secret lair underneath the bar and all the patrons have a secret. One that they are finally ready to share with Bart.
Tonight’s Treehouse of Horror is so good, you will be wishing for 600 more Simpsons episodes. I am sure they have it in them.
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