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[ # ] The Secret Circle will have you in a trance until it returns next year!
November 10th, 2011 under The CW

Tonight at 9p on The CW it is the winter season finale of The Secret Circle and you are not going to want to miss the game changing episode that will leave you wanting to know what happens next until the New Year.
We know that Cassie has Dark Magic in her family tree and tonight we find out just how far it goes back. Let’s just say the Witch Hunters want her badly and they are willing to do anything to get her to the council who have requested she be brought to them immediately. Which side of Nick’s lineage will he follow when it comes to her, his witch side or his Witch Hunters’ one. Tune in to see if Cassie will still be with the circle returns in January or will she be with the Witch Hunters?
Cassie isn’t the only Blake that is having a life-threatening problem, her grandmother is suffering the consequences from the spell that Charles and Diana put on her at the end of last week’s episode. They wiped away her memory from that night, and a whole lot more.
And because of their screw up they will be getting a visit from another elder. Gale Harold talked about this visitor yesterday at a screening for tonight’s show and said, “Dear old mom.” He adds, “Charles’ mother got some issues to resolve or to start so she can resolve them later.” And will it be loving between them? He shares “We’ll slap each around for :35 seconds and then she is going to leave” So who is this lucky woman who gets to slap around Gale for half a minute, it will be Hunter’s Stepfanie Kramer.
Now that we know another elder will be coming on the show next year, what about the council we keep hearing about? Executive Producer Andrew Miller said we will learn “a lot” about the council “over time”. He added, “There’s lot to learn about this council. We started with Isaac and he has become an interesting character for us, but he’s one of many and the history of the council will surprise us and goes back longer than anyone thinks right now.”
And talking about going back in time, what about flashbacks to the night that took away so much from everyone. As Miller pointed out it isn’t as easy to do as The Vampire Diaries, so should we rule it out? He shared with us what we will see, “We do need to delve into this backstory and we are exploring ways to experience that past in what I think are really, really, exciting, interesting ways in the very near future. By that I mean 2013.” He was joking because he then elaborated with, “But pretty soon on the heels of the New Year we’ll start to see more of the past then we have thus far”
So will everyone be around when those flashbacks happen? I had to know if there will be other deaths on the show like Nick’s and he said, “There are consequences and people die. They are messing with things that are dark and dangerous and it’s not just fun and games. And while there needs to be a wish fulfillment component to witchcraft, there are also heavy consequences. When you start playing around with this stuff, you are going to get burned…Yeah, there are deaths coming.” Who? We don’t know, but I did learn that asking if Charles would be one of them while Gale Harold was in the room might not have been the smartest move on my part.
But what has been a smart move on my part is watching The Secret Circle every Thursday night on The CW at 9p because this show gets better with each episode. And unlike other shows they actually answer questions, as they ask new ones and you don’t feel confused.
So tune in to the winter season finale to see what will be that thing that will have you in a trance until the show returns on January 5th.


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