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[ # ] The scariest part of The John Wayne Gacy Tapes is not from John Wayne Gacy
April 20th, 2022 under Netflix

John Wayne Gacy was one of the scariest serial killers of all time. From 1972 to 1978, he was literally getting away with murder because he was targeting teenage boys. Whenever their parents would go to the police, they would be told that their son had run away. Therefore, they didn’t look for him.

However, cops became suspicious of John Wayne Gacy, who portrayed himself as a model citizen, so they began to track him. Then they got a lucky break, and they finally caught him. Well, actually, they found the bodies of 29 young men and boys under his house.

After he was arrested, his lawyers recorded their conversations. These tapes have been released to director Joe Berlinger for the first time, and he turned them into Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes, which is streaming now on Netflix.

While that is haunting enough, we also hear from the cops who arrested him and looked into the case as they describe all the horrors they found in the Gacy house. However, they have nothing on the families who lost loved ones nor the few who were lucky enough to get away.

To me, hearing from them is scarier than hearing from Gacy, who is completely calm on the tapes. He talks about it like we talk about what we did during an average day.

However, that is not the scariest part of the 3-part series. That part comes at the end. One person says something that makes me think he is almost as sick as Gacy. I could not believe that anyone could feel that way. But he did and admitted it on camera more than once.

I would tell you what it is, but you have to watch to be just as shocked as I was. But, I come from a different mentality than he does. And thankfully, not that many people feel the same way. If they did, the world would be an even more messed up place.

Another thing that I found interesting is that not all of the bodies have been identified. In 2011, detectives dug up the bodies of eight unidentified victims to test their DNA. Since then, they have identified two more victims. If you know a young man who went missing near Chicago in the mid-’70s, then reach out to Cook County Sheriff’s office.


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